raghnall (raghnall) wrote,

i need more time just to make things right

it seems like i change my life goals every five minutes...but how does this one sound?

since college can suck a mammonth's miracle whip stick...

oh yeah. i got a letter from butler today, that i should of got about a month ago in this whole financial aid process. too late you cunt licking bitches!

but, i will contact vatterott in the next couple of weeks and go through their mandatory tour of the campus and hopefully get things settled. i will go through their boring program, that will wise me up on computers. then i will get an IT job, earn some money. then i will start my own website up, so i can finally start getting this webcomic in my head up and going. i need to find someone with a scanner, so i can get a couple of my sketches up, and have you guys actually tell me if they are any good or not. i can't totally decide on a style either, so maybe a vote on which one you like best...

that's all.
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